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    hello , I ve just become a single mum of 3 and feeling terrible , I love my ex partner still and I feel heartbroken.

    i ve got to get on with it I know , I have no friends to be honest as I spent my time on my children and my fella. I’m in the Blackpool area but there is no groups up here . I was just wondering if anyone else is from that area x

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    I’m not from your area but I’m in a similar situation… I have 3 children and I left my husband 13 months ago..I had no friends for 20 yrs and still am finding it difficult to find any!

    my life was and still is my children.

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    Hello Nalinee,

    its very hard in my part to carry on and be normal st the moment. I’m sure I ll get used to it , might even to start to enjoy it . It’s the friendship that I miss the most.

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    I agree, it feels so lonely and with no one to talk to I don’t know if how I’m feeling is the same as others but I feel a huge gap in my life and guilty that I should be happier

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    I feel much better now but it has been the hardest 18 months of my life. However, I have no regrets as my ex wa extremely volatile and started losing it with my boys. The hardest thing is being able to trust anyone. Tend to think all the decent men are taken. It is very hard but good to spend this time on yourself, new hobbies and healing from your hurts are a good investment for your future xx

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    Hi, I’m from the Blackpool area. I have just joined and was looking to meet single parents. I am a mature mum (53) with a soon to be 16 year old daughter. I work in education , but find my nights and weekend rather lonely. X

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    I’m feeling so low right now, my partner of just over a year left me to return to the city his children live in as the relationship was affected moreso with one of them (teenager)  this I do understand and thinks it’s admirable however some things haven’t added up, as only a few months ago we talked marriage then when he did decide to move back we would still be together albeit long distance…. Now it feels like that’s not going to happen…. Why do men do that tells me he loves me only yesterday even instigates physical contact…. My heads a blur! Worst timing ever to with Christmas coming up

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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