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    Feeling really low. How do you manage to pick yourself up and get on with things?

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    I am not a councillor but I would recommend

    1. Give yourself permission, saying its ok to feel low, Life is never easy.

    2. Look for the cause, is there a reason for feeling Low.

    3. Write a plan, Breaking it down to small achievable parts.

    4. Celebrate every small achievement and goal reached.

    5. Speak to others.

    6. Listen to some upbeat fun songs, you good even let yourself go and have a little mad dance.

    7. Smile, smile smile, watch some comedy, remember what was the last thing that made you laugh.


    Just something I try. I hope it helps

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    Thanks Trev. My husband left a  few months ago because he is having an affair. I am just so low and I hate it. I can’t seem to drag myself out of it. It is incredibly lonely and isolating. Although I feel like giving up I keep going for my children.

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    I truly hear you, I broke up with my partner in June and found myself a single dad. Its normal to have the thought, but not normal to action on them. Our children are our lifeline, and we have to keep life as normal as possible for them, easier said and done I know. I totally get the loneliness and isolation. have you looked into joining and mums clubs? you be surprised how many single parents feel exactly like you do.For me its after 9pm, when I have put my boy to school and relaxed.

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    There both at school now so not part of any clubs. I know it seems a common thing to be lonely. I try and talk to friends but I feel like everyone has their own life and I don’t want to burden them. I am a bit better when the kids are with me but when they are at their dads I just struggle to find any motivation.

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    Many good suggestions here. https://metanoia.org/help/helpyourself.htm

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