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    11 yrs down the drain

    5 yrs in he cheated with a work colleague  (police) and 6yrs later hes done it again but these are the ones i know about.

    I want to b civil but the hate keeps creeping out.

    Im so lonely at times. Althou i cant go bk to him even if i my heart wants to. I still want him. I miss him. I want his arms wrapped round me. I feel so lonely. I dont want to get up and go to work.  I dont want to do anything.  I hate medication and want avoid taking it. I try n keep busy but the eve is the hardest part.

    My heart is broken into a million pieces.

    I dont deserve this. Hes not hurting.

    Why always me!!



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    Well quite. Unfortunately you just have to let it hurt for now. There’s no way around that. But broken limbs heal and so do broken hearts. Keep in touch with us all on this board and PM anytime you want to chat. It does help to talk to people (I had some counselling for a short while to deal with some of my issues). You have to keep busy too.

    All the best and you’re among people who do understand here.

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    Generally the way it is, it’s wrong but unfortunately lot of people go through this. Really don’t know what goes round in peoples head.

    All I know is not many people like him are strong as you are

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    I too feel so lonely at times… I went through a similar thing, I was so close to giving up life, I was ready to hand my children over because I wanted to give up… but somehow you get through it…. I’m afraid it doesn’t get easier, you just learn to deal with it better

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    Really sad how people feel. Life is too stressful it’s such a common thing for people To feel like this.

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