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    Hi, my husband and I seperated last year and he moved out into his parents whilst we had a trial separation. We’ve now decided to make it permanent but I’m so scared and lost as to how to handle living arrangements. We own in a 2 bed maisonette and have 2 children who share a room. Because of the equity I wouldn’t get any help should I rent, and as I’m part time (because of the kids) i wouldnt be able to rent without help. The council understandable can’t help and due to being in the south East I can’t afford to buy somewhere even if we sold. The house holds so many bad memories I’m terrfied my only option is to stay and try as suggest he finds somewhere to rent. I had been feeling brave and excited my life was beginning and now I feel like I’m lost and no where to turn. Sorry I don’t know what I’m asking I just needed to share with people in a similar situation who won’t judge me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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