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    I am a single mum to twin boys aged 13.  Divorced nearly 5 years.

    this has been the worst Christmas so far.   My boys were at their dad xmas eve and i got them back midday christmas.

    my boyfriend of 2.5 years is an ex Jehovah witness, he has been out of the religion over 6 years.  However he still doesn’t understand why xmas is my favourite time of year.

    i thought that we would spend xmas eve and xmas morning together but i got excuse “i dont feel well” or “ i don’t know the plans” etc etc we do not live together.  He sent me a load of rubbish text messages on xmas eve and i didn’t even think id see him on xmas day.   However, he did turn up at my house at 11.30am and then we went to my parents with my boys. He refused to stay round there so went home about 9ish.  His excuse is that he hadn’t slept and was tired but thats all i heard all day.  I dropped my boys back at their dads boxing day afternoon and have been on my own since.  He is ill again – apparently.

    i am so upset but either he doesn’t realise or he doesn’t want the confrontation.

    i have tonight got a text telling me that some ex JW’s are going out NYE and to let him know if i wanted a ticket.   Why would i want to celebrate the NY with him when i feel so upset about christmas.

    i am lonely and don’t know what the answer is.  I work full time and the rest of my tome is looking after 2 teenage boys.

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    Well, he’s clearly not keen and even if he was, he doesn’t sound much fun.

    Do you have a group of female friends you can go out with? Sisters? Mum?

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    Thanks for replying.


    yes i have good friends and family, but at this time of year everyone is busy.

    i do understand that there are mNy people that do not celebrate christmas. I have tried to make it as possible for him and the last couple of years have been okish.  This year its like a huge depression has come over him.  I just cant bare the things he says ands the way he acts.  Surely he needs to take into consideration how i feel too, otherwise why date someone that does love christmas?!

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    I don’t understand the Jehovah witness thing as most people  that I know people ncluding hindu and some Muslim actually celebrate Christmas by putting up tree and giving presents.

    All I can say is that my devout Jehovah witness friend always turns up with a “present”. And I can give her a gift and a home made Christmas present that i have made for most Christmas celebrating people. Like Jews they do not celebrate or understood the importance of Christmas so I would not lose sleep over it. I am not a Christian but we have the biggest tree in our road and we exchange present s with our none Christian family.

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