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    I’m recently seperated from my ex husband, and feeling lonely, dont have many friends and no family around. From birmingham and im 32 with an 18 month old .

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    Hi Natasha,

    I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time but it will get better I promise. We are all here for you. X x

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    Thank you so much. Its such a testing time. I feel everyone is against me at the moment, since my separation my family dont bother with me, dont have much of a support system at all

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    You’re very welcome. Do you have any support at all from friends or neighbours? Try to be strong and know things will get better. If you would like to chat I’m here x

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    Feeling lonely in Bournemouth. Being single is not easy. Anyone available for a coffee or any form of fun.

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    Hi NatashaK.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so alone. 

    I found it really hard when I first separated from my husband who was an alcoholic. Its takes time to process everything.

    I have made loads of new friends at our church  which I started to go to since I’ve been a single mum and our church has a campus in Birmingham. Which has loads of people of different ages  if you are interested please drop me a message and I will send you over their details. They have online meetings if you can’t meet up.

    I’m so glad I’ve made new friends as some of my friends in the past have not continued their friendship since my breakup. Which I understand as some where his friends first.

    You will meet new people and will get through the initial hard bit. 

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    Hi Natasha K,

    My thoughts are with you, feeling lonely can be one of the hardest emotions.

    I am 28 live near Birmingham and have a 2 year old daughter and 5 months pregnant a single parent.

    Here for you if you need anyone.


    Best wishes x


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    Renata L

    I feel sorry that you are alone. But you are really not alone, even here are a lot of people who can support you. I am a mum of two boys, and I feel you. You have to do so many things that there is no time for yourself. Love yourself, feel yourself, and everything will be fine. We are here for you too!

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    Hi Natasha1

    I’m feeling similar, left a toxic relationship with our two young children. Took a long time to sort out accommodation as ex is in family home but now we have our own place I feel so alone, even starting to miss my ex!! Sometimes it’s just nice to have another adult around or at least another pair of hands even if not very helpful! Dreading lockdown.

    I think self care is very important but difficult when you are the sole carer of little ones. I’m going to try and prioritise some me time, try to have a nice bath instead of falling asleep with the kids.

    Thinking of you x


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    Hi Natashak

    Sorry about your situation I totally get you. I am divorcing my husband of 10 years – our anniversary is on the 6th of Nov, or was- and he left the house 2 weeks ago. I am not from this country and I have 2 kids. I can imagine how you feel. Try to keep busy, it helps me sometimes.


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    Hi there,

    Also looking to make new friends, also have an extremely small support network and no friends living nearby.

    Lauren, mum to 4

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