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    im new to gingerbread and I’m hoping to find some new friends in my area, either in the same situation or not.

    I am 23 weeks pregnant and feel very alone as I am single and seems to be now I’m pregnant my friends aren’t bothered as I can’t drink.

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    Hi Louise

    Sorry to hear you are feeling lonely.  Being a bloke, I can only imagine how you feel whilst being pregnant too.  It cant be nice that your friends are doing their own things while you struggle on your own.

    This website is great.  Eventually a number of people will reply to you.  Hopefully more that understand your situation better than me.

    Maybe though you should highlight the area you are in to get a quicker response.

    Hope it works for you


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    Sorry to hear what you are going through but this forum is great and if you want to chat anytime feel free to.

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    Hi I’m sorry to  hear of your situation and loneliness, I’m a single parent to my daughters aged 2 & 3,I’ve been lonely since I had my children.  I was married when they were born but have since left.  Pregnancy is a scary time as it isnever mind going  through it your own, but to be honest I felt on my own through mine anyway.  Us woman are amazing and on your own no one is letting you down, sadly you do realise who yourfriendsarewhen you have children.

    im here if you want to chat or youcouldprivate message me, your not on your own xx

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    So sorry to hear this. Pregnancy is an emotional time anyway, let alone going through something like this. I’m here to chat if you’d like. My hubby left just over a month ago and I’m feeling quite lonely too. Xx

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    Hi Louise,

    sorry to hear that you’re going through this.

    Im also pregnant and going through a breakup and I’ve had the same thing with friends. They don’t seem interested now that I can’t go out and drink and party with them.

    Im here if you want to chat. Please feel free to private message me.



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    hi, I know what you are going through, the loneliness is awful, I have two girls and they are great  but you can not beat another adult for

    a bit of company, always here for a chat.  Paul

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    have you got any antenatal classes planned or are there any baby and bump groups near you could go to? always handy to have some preggo friends to talk to .. and WhatsApp at 3am when the baby arrives.

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