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    So I’ve been a single mother for over a year now, I went through my pregnancy alone but had great support from my family. I’m just getting to the point now where everyone around me is all loved up and happy and I’m just there, it’s so hard to find someone as I go to work and then go home to look after my daughter. I don’t go anywhere to find somebody. Nobody seems to want me as I have a child. I’m just starting to feel really down and lonely, I just want somebody to love 🙁

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    There are single parent dating sites I believe. The best thing is to get out and about as the wider your circle of friends and colleagues the better. Do you got to local single parent groups?

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    hi, sorry you are feeling lonely but I can relate to what you are saying, I often feel like that, I am a single dad to two girls, I have had relationships in the past

    with other single mums and sometimes I got the feeling that  they were happy for me to take on  their children but they were not as keen to take on my children, I have found dating sites can be  like minefields.

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    I feel you 100%. Feeling trapped in this constant world of loneliness sucks. Dating sites for me don’t work. However have you tried joining new parenting groups when you are off work? Or social apps where you can meet new friends and find people just like you? Maybe it’ll help?

    You won’t feel this way forever I promise and one day the right person will come along and fall into your lives perfectly. it’s just that perfect takes longer when you have more than yourself to think of 🙂


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    I’m with you all on this. Baby’s Dad didn’t wanna know. He’s bein a weirdo gettin mates or he’s bought a payg phone n ive been gettin harrassing txt. He thought I was obsessed with him well he obv got somethin for me I don’t need it tho


    Ive got an 8month old son he is absolutely awesome. It’s so hard isn’t it guys. I have just moved also a month ago for first time out of my Mums all the comfort zone has gone. I have brill family and friends but at end of day when go home it’s me and baby. I would love To have someone but until that time on my own lonely at night isn’t it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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