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    I am a single mum to my 6yr old son, his dad doesn’t have anything to do with him and never had through his own choice.  In general he’s a caring loving funny child but of late his behaviour has just gone completely awful.  Constantly defying what’s I say or ignoring what I ask, cheeky doesn’t even cut it as a word to describe how he has been verbally, yesterday he punched me in the face as well.  We recently moved house and even though in school he’s actually doing amazing I am not sure if the change is brought all of the behavioural issues. I do work full time and recently started uni as well so is it my fault for all this change that he is like this? I feel like I am trying to make a better life for us but is it having this impact on him?


    He does also ask for his dad a lot more and I still feel he’s too young to know the truth just now. In addition a few of the children he’s made friends with at the New house are probably not the best behaved and I would rather he didn’t go out with them but feel that I can’t stop it as it could cause more of a problem.


    im at a total loss I’m getting to the stage I am completely losing it even though I have tried every parenting guidance that I could possibly find. I feel like I am totally failing him and don’t know what to do about it.

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    Hi, I had roughly the same thing. My son went through a phase at 6 – 7 when he behaved like that. I think it was a hormone surge but he definitely pushed boundaries hard for about 9 months.

    You’ve taken a lot on. Could there be an element of him getting less attention and maybe you being more tired. The fact that he’s doing fine at school is good. He’s pushing boundaries at home because he feels secure enough to do that, so you aren’t failing him at all.

    I’d let his friendships run but maybe add an activity that gives him more friends. Swimming lesson or Cubs?

    My son needed something to tell his friends about his dad – what he did, what he liked, which team he supported etc. He needed to make his dad more real so he could fit in.  Would that help?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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