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    Hi all

    Hope your keeping well. I just need some positive feedback and hope that after leaving an abusive relationship and having a very unplanned pregnancy and having to move my whole life, new area, country, left my job, friends etc etc that i will move on and find happiness and love as right now this isn’t how i imagined having a baby as a single parent 😇😢

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    Is that photo somewhere on the south coast lol

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    Liane 245

    Bless yah.

    I can relate to the moving your whole life. When me an my kids dad were trying for a family I returned to church in the hope that it would strengthen our words to each other and help mute out negative behaviours.

    It didn’t. I ended up in a womens refuge and our 3 children were placed away from the family home.

    Its so hard. Especially this time of year.

    Keep strong. Count your blessings and have a lovely Christmas.

    A new relationship will come when the times right.

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    Everything always turns out in the end – trust your path. It will be so hard sometimes but your love for your child will get you through. Keep talking and being kind to yourself – there is no reason in this world that you won’t find happiness, either alone or in a relationship. Remember life is made up of horrid times, great times and the mundane which will be the majority – hard times ALWAYS pass xx

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    Thanks for your lovely kind message. Always have to keep hope and move forward, even though it feels hard

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