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    Sparkie: it’s really tough isn’t it, I feel cross with my ex that he made such a big huge deal of this big brother thing but has now recently told me that he doesn’t have time to see our son and he will be focussing on his ‘immediate family’. 😑 You are so right about any contact being good and I totally get what you mean about grinning and bearing.

    AJ: That must be so challenging for your girl and it sounds like she has coped well with the change! I like what you said about not all families being perfect once you get to know them. I always assume that two- parent families are perfect and the reality is they are probably not.

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    Village mum thank you 🙂 your words of encouragement have made me feel a lot better. Thank you all for responding, It is good the feel I am not alone. X


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    You are there for your son aren’t you. ? He is brought up with love and happiness. You may see couples bit you don’t know what is going on at home . Where I use to take my daughter to playgroups there were women who were forced to take drugs by their husbands and children left to fend  for them selves. Women being beaten by their alcoholic husband in front of the children . And when I saw them together I thought they were the perfect family

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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