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    My husband left 6 months ago and it has since came out that he has a new girlfriend that lives in our community,  12 years his junior.  My problem is that I am constantly nervous.  I have a knot in my stomach all of the time. I try to keep busy to distract myself but it doesn’t work. I am filing for divorce and he said he would admit adultry but I am scared that it will cause trouble because she will be named as the other woman and I’m not sure how her and her family will react.  I worry that this will affect our 5 daughters and bring trouble to our door. I just cant get my head round the deceit and how close to home it all is. I have lots of support from friends and family but I feel so alone and dont know if i have the strength to go through it all. The constant anxiety is draining and I cant see an end to it.  Will I ever get over him and will my kids get through it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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