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    I have a 12 year old and am the main care giver. Even when the little one is with dad I get lots of messages as not that happy there. I’ve been a single mum for a about 4 years. I’ve tried dating but found it too tricky and I have accepted that being single is okay. I work full time and try to socialise with friends, however this is exhausting and most of my friends are younger so are just starting out in marriages and babies. They are great but don’t get how hard it is at times. I am very lucky but feeling a bit lonely in the experience. I’m not really sure what I’m asking on here, maybe just to feel less alone or maybe to feel a bit more hopeful about the future. Is it normal to feel completely overwhelmed at times?

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    I can totally relate to this, its bloody hard! Just separated and feel totaly the same….alone, its hard and it is normal it what makes us human! You just got to keep fighting and talking in groups like this.  Well thats what i keep telling myself!

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    Hello. I am brand new to this. I have been quite upset the past few days feeling this way. I am a lone parent to a 13 and 4 Yr old. 13 Yr old goes to his dad’s every other wkend but my 4 Yr old stays with me. I have no family at all. My parents are abroad. I work part time. My friends are busy with family and we literally see no one from one week to the next. I have no support structure other than the three of us. My 13 Yr old helps with the school run for me to work. But if I want a night out I use an 18 Yr old babysitter. I now don’t get invited out anymore because my friends have all but almost forgotten about me. They don’t text anymore because I can’t keep up with them. I don’t have the money they have. The time or freedom they do. My son has no aunts, cousins, grand parents and it’s affecting me. The older he gets the more he asks. I lost my family as a child due to moving around a lot with my parents and his dad left me for another women when I was pregnant. I’m sorry for the rant. It’s a bit long. But am I going mad. I’m just so sad and lonely and a bit scared. I want my son to have the most wonderful life. Xmas day is just me and my two sons. I attend all the sports days Xmas shows, fetes everything,they’ve never worn a creased shirt and I cook everyday we have a beautiful home family life, we laugh, and play board games, we dance in the kitchen to silly songs our life isn’t doom and gloom but I am tired and I am scared for my 4 year old. I wish I could build him a family it’s the one thing I can’t give him. Xx

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    Hi Holly,

    It sounds like you have built a lovely little family already and sound like a brilliant mum. We are lucky enough to live in a time when family can mean anything and not mum, dad and kids. I’m a single mum to one child and we really do live in our own bubble even though I have family close by, it’s mostly me and her. But the bond we have is incredible and we do all manner of silly stuff…I know how you feel though, it’s an isolating and exhausting feeling that no one unless they are in this knows how it feels. It’s hard when you are the sole adult and suddenly you are caught between making all the decisions alone and shielding your babies from the struggle of parenting alone. If you want to chat, just message me.

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    Hi all, I’m single parent to 11yo and most of the time I cope fine. We have a decent home, I work full time and my ds is a happy cheerful boy.

    I’ve been doing this 8 years and it does get easier, but even now if I’m tired it gets to me. That’s usually time for a day off or a treat of some sort.

    Remember to be kind to yourselves.

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    Hello, long shot but say hi if you’re near South East London. Would be good to mingle with parents in similar situation and see the kids cycle round the park climbing trees making their own adventures and less Fort night/roblox screen times lol

    Like the lady above said, treat and be kind to yourself make slow positive changes in your life and in time you’ll be rewarded.

    A walk in the park and a run works wonders for me, find and explore what makes you feel good inside it doesn’t have to cost a penny.


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    Hi, soon I’m going to be a single mom to two kids and I’m in a similar situation in regards to lack of support outside of my ex and my 80 year old mother in law. It is isolating.


    I keep myself up by remembering it was even more isolating when I was with my ex and believing that living that life was as good as it was going to get.

    Cheer up, if they say its going to get better, believe them. I try to.

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