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    After going through the toughest year of my life. Having a tough separation from my ex, moving home and a close family member being diagnosed with cancer I was looking forward to toasting the end of a really bad year on new year eve at a family gathering. I have now been told it is being cancelled and don’t really want to end the year alone at home. I have felt so lonely since splitting with my ex. Friends and family always say if you need anything we are here but people rarely step up to the plate and I have really found out who my friends are since being alone. I just wanted a night off being alone to celebrate this year ending and worry how I will feel ending it alone.

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    Hi Anonymous,


    Not sure re plans for the children yet. To be honest I wanted to do something different than sit in alone with them which is what I do every night. I just wanted to celebrate this awful year coming to an end and not just end up feeling alone.

    The cinema suggestion is a good idea if I don’t have the kids. What are your plans? X

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    My lad and I are off out for a meal followed by cinema New Years eve Plan something to look forward to  after when the kids are in bed if you feel like it watch a trashy movie with a glass of wine or reflect on the good and bad events put them into perspective  and yes have a good cry… then put it to behind you along with 2017!  New Years day can be your new beginning !

    Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely, go on a voyage of self discovery plan to do new things in the new year, you will be surprised to discover new strengths and so build confidence and that in it self is an attractive quality .Best wishes and whatever you do enjoy moving forward

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    I know how you feel . I always go to my sisters at Christmas for 8 days. We don’t have parents or immediate family . I Love the noisey dogs and listening to the teenage girls chatting. And their friends coming over . My daughter loves being there too and I  also enjoyed having meals with them.

    My little one is autistic and everything is one big struggle so my sister and her husband tells me they are going on holiday for Christmas.   I was devastated but put on brave face. I wondered what kind of awful christmas this would be but tried to be positive. I also learned her friends joined her on holiday too.

    When my friend found out she was shocked and told me that my daughter needs to be around people at Christmas and invited us over. I declined but am glad we went It was a beautiful meal with lovely company .my daughter didn’t want to go home.

    Tomorrow I have invited my sister and her family for a meal. I am no longer angry,  hurt and upset

    My friend said that every year we will be welcomed at her house . I wanted to cry . My sister thinks we just went to church and came home.  To get my own back i told her that I am going to sort my passport out because I will be taking my daughter on holiday next year for Christmas.  She made a comment that my daughter wouldn’t enjoy it but I will have the last laugh


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