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    Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m Bebe, I’m a single mum of one, I’m currently unemployed but looking for work. But, I’m feeling really crappy as I just cannot seem to find a job that is suitable for my skills and grades and also one that fits around childcare and buses we’d need to take.

    I applied for one job and told them the hours I could do, and they ended up offering me a job but with hours that wouldn’t of worked around the 3 buses we’d need to take and also around the childcare times at the school. I feel like rubbish as it’s like no one is listening to me when I put on the application form what hours I can do. And when I look online too, they never give the hours, so I always think is it worth applying because if they give me work that’s not going to fit around school time and travel time I’ve got no hope. We live a bit away from the school and so catching a bus to there is a trek in itself but the bus routes clash and I’d never make it on time if I took the 8:30-5:30 job :/. Where I live needs I need to take 2 buses to a few places outside of the town centre so I feel like I’m limited as to where I can find work without there being a million buses to take which wouldn’t be a problem, the problem is a lot of them would mean I’d not get to work on time or get back to my daughter in time which is why I picked the hours between 10 and 4, but it seems like no one is really taking that on board. I just feel lost and stuck in a rut and completely useless in life.

    Im sorry it’s such a long post, it’s just no one around me  seems to understand what it’s like juggling child  is like so it’s like talking to a brick wall at times with those people.

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    Andrew uk

    Hard work at times. I feel for you. Message me if you want. Why can’t you explain in the interview what hours you need and your situation? I appreciate it’s difficult at times. I work at Sainsbury’s but don’t currently see the kids. I’m hoping that they will be understanding about my need to reduce/alter my hours. I’m not sure what more I can say that will help.

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    Hi Bebe21, Our helpline will be able to talk this through with you and do a finance check to see if you would be eligible for help with childcare costs. Helpline – Gingerbread

    Best wishes, Helen

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    I have managed to secure 2 days at home and one day in office . I pay someone to meet my child and feed until I get home at 4.45pm.

    I never stopped working only 10 months mat leave  but its still hard juggling everything when you have no family .

    I know of three women who got jobs in schools and gave topped it up with tax credit and get help with child care . Two of the women were single parent s and ran the holiday clubs.

    I tell people to get in contact with local school and get application form and complete until suitable vacancy comes up. You got nothing to loose. Everything is so expensive and you will be contributing towards the economy.  Good luck






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    I needaliein

    Hi Bebe, it’s not easy at all.

    Agree with others anything you can find in a school/college worth a go,- learning support assistant, library support in high schools colleges, lunchtime assistant, secretary/admin roles- advantage of not having to stress about the Loooonngg school hols so much.

    Also some jobs are job being advertised as home working now, maybe poss for you?

    I have had some success ringing employers before application/interview and asking about hours/flexibility just so we don’t waste each others’ time. Alternatively, ask around the mums at school, what do they do and are their employers family friendly?

    Wishing you lots of luck.

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