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    My husband left the house for the first time tonight. My husband and I have separated after 7 years of marriage. We have two young boys. My oldest has found it very difficult and wrote his dad a letter at school today about how he was sad. We are very amicable and trying to keep it normal for the boys. He has rented a room in a house close by. But this is the first evening I’ve felt truly alone in 12 years. I’ve been ok in the day, but at this time of evening I feel empty. I have lots of friends and family, but they are not here at night. I don’t want my son to go bed as I just want to keep him close, but I know he needs to. Does this empty ness pass? I can’t bear the thought of facing the day to day challenges on my own?

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    The emptiness passes in time with talking and support.  Reach out for support which I regret I didn’t.  You need your lad for it to be be routine as normal for the time being and it feels normal to get them cuddled up next to you, but that’s for you not him. Hugs

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    Eyre 2021

    This is something I am struggling with.

    Have good friends ,work part time but whole new life change.

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    Ella B

    I split with my husband of 14 years just 3 months ago and totally relate to what you’re saying, but I promise it does get easier. I lost all of my friends during our marriage so literally only have my Mam outside of work colleagues. I’ve thrown myself into doing up the house, doing fun things with my little girl and watching SATC on an evening. I get up early and keep busy so that I’m exhausted on a night and usually go to bed not long after my little girl. And if I feel like I’m missing my ex, I write a list of all the reasons I’m better off without him, the things about him which annoyed me and how much I can achieve on my own. Its getting easier every day and whereas in the beginning I didn’t know how I would cope, I’m now realising he’s actually done me a favour and I’m starting to feel happier than I have in a lomg while. Keep yourself busy, give it time and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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