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    I am finding very difficult to meet single parent families. I just know family where the parent are together and I feel that I have failed to my son. I am also afraid that my son will feel a “weird one” around his friends and it will affect him. He is 4yo and he is a bit confuse of not having his parents together living in the same home anymore.

    Everyone say single parent families are new concept of family and there are everywhere but where? I feel I am the only one , my neighbours are conventional families. I don’t know even any cartoon with single parent family!

    The fact that I’m foreigner living in England and I only have a sister here makes this feeling worse.

    I don’t intent to offend anyone.

    thank you.

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    Feel free to offend everyone.That’s the beauty of an anonymous site like this.Anyway the moderators seem to have gone to sleep for the moment.Hey what a cheek! You’re right about cartoons…hahaha I never thought of that.Nobody loves us….😪And it’s rubbish about single parent families being just another kind of family.I think same sex marriage families are more acceptable nowadays.No idea why.It’s skewed.And quite ridiculous.Lol.

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    also I think that after my separation my friends are more in love with their partners than before!! They are like showing off their romance. I love them but I can’t stand them for too long!!.

    That is why I need to meet single parents so I can feel normal. I do not how or where to meet them.

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    I completely get your concerns. I’m one of 4 children (two sets of twins) I’m 8 years older than the youngest set and all have been married for over 10 years!! My mum remarried so I now have 2 stepbrothers in long term relationships with children….And then there’s me, the single one raising a child alone. I know one other single parent and she’d been married for 10 years.
    I have raised my child pretty much alone since she was born and I’ve always been honest with her (age dependant honesty). She knows she maybe different and her mum and dad don’t live together, she hasn’t seen her dad for 2 years and I haven’t got any idea where he is, or what he’s doing, she’s 3 1/2 now. But through honesty on my part, if a child says to her at nursery “who’s your dad? Does he live with you?” She can fight her own corner at 3 1/2, she knows his name, she has contact with his mum, And knows all the answers.
    You must make your child believe the family they have is ok, there are many others like them and it is nothing to be ashamed of.
    And please don’t worry about finding other single parent families to befriend, just be you with your child, go out enjoy life, attend local events and you will form friendships with other types of families


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    I Completely understand where your coming from! I am a single mum of 2 (18 and 9) and have been most of their lives! I’m struggling even more now I’m getting older and so is my youngest!

    My friends are mostly married or dating and have their own lives! I love spending time with my daughter like you feel alone a times and it is hard!
    I only have my parents as my sisters don’t live near!
    I also feel guilty I don’t have ‘mum friends’ of my daughters age and feel she is missing out!
    It was easier when my son was younger! Just trying to stay positive as much as possible!

    Here if you need a chat anytime 😊

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