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    Hi I’m new here

    i have been separated for almost a year now I was with my ex for 6years he broke up the relationship and  he got his new girlfriend pregnant the month after are split and now there engaged he keep rubbing his new happiness in my face and telling me I’m a bad mum etc just anything really he knows will really hurt me I feel alone and only have my mum really to talk to but she makes me feel like I’m annoying her anytime I talk about my ex and what he’s done I have always been a shy person and don’t really make friends easily I want to move on and be happy but when my children are in bed and I’m alone I can’t help think about everything

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    Hi, I understand how you’re feeling. My ex had an affair and is now happily living with her and I’m bringing up three children on my own and working full time without a break from it all. It’s really hard. It’s hard to move on, hard to trust other people. But try and make time for yourself, do something that will make you feel good about yourself. Try the frolo app which is good for connecting with other single parents in your area and making some new friends.

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    Hi , you need to let it go and move on , what’s a point to think about the past , past is already past and won’t be back so keep moving forwards

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    Hi, hope your ok, I can relate to this but my situation is the reverse.  It’s not easy to let go and saying you can I is a total illusion!

    Nights are the low point for me as well, this site will help with that and happy to chat anytime,

    Keep your chin up 👍

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    I’m really sorry to hear about you going through this, it’s tough at the best of times without him trying to upset you!!

    I know it’s easier said than done but keep trying to rise above it and keep your chin up as northerndad2020 said, I’m here to chat if you want.
    And let me just add give him between 1 and 2 years and he’ll probably have fallen out with her also and saying these things to her as he sounds like a rotten apple!

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    I resonate with everything you say – it’s so hard when your ex moves on so quickly my ex had another girl pregnant when I was 7 months pregnant and moved on with his new life and left us behind as dead wood. This was 6 years ago – trust your path – things will get better I promise you just need to focus on getting though every day and try and occupy your evenings with positive things – I took up painting by numbers as I couldn’t focus on anything to taxing or concentrate long enough to watch anything or read a book. Set your self 3 very simple tasks a day to complete – that will make you feel like you are accomplishing something and not feeling like a failure. That feeling of anger has eventually turned to apathy and it will do for you too xx

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    Renata L

    Hello! You are not alone, you can always chat here. Take time for yourself, try not to think about bad things. You need some time to calm down and rest. You can always post on this forum, and you will be supported. Let’s chat!

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    I know how you feel about lonely, I am going out next week for the first time in 6 months as finally I have a baby sitter :-0. are there any whats app groups on here ?

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    You are not alone. I feel the same and you can see others do too xx

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    You are definitely not alone. Unfortunately when the life they lived doesnt appeal anymore it seems to be very easy to draw a line in the sand forget it ever happened and start again. You grieve for the life you were suppose to have but more importantly what your kids were suppose to have. I left my ex over 18 months ago after 6 years and he has a new fiance, apparently he’s incredibly happy but somehow cannot even acknowledge my existence, go figure…

    I have a blog that goes through all of this. Its incredibly raw and talks about loneliness, bitterness, sorrow, grief, anger. Its sending so much love.

    I have also taken my anger, frustration and injustice of it all and used it for something positive. I am starting a law degree in September hoping to go into family law and take these mother fuckers down one by one!

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    Hey Clh91 haha! I think thats fantastic,good for you! I love it.Yes Yes Yes.

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    Hi Sarah,

    I’m new on here bc I spend most nights sitting in the kitchen ruminating endlessly about the mess my marriage got me into & i found this site the other night.If you do the math you’ll see ur really not alone at all.If 50% of marriages fall apart as they say and you calculate how many marriages there are in uk every year & then times it by 2 bc a marriage is a couple that’s an awful lot of unhappy,lonely ppl.Even if some do pair up later on its still rather a large crowd.So please don’t feel so alone,even tho u might be on ur own.I have felt so lonely sometimes & it never leads to much good.Find a distraction.I also used to find the nights the worst-till my kids turned into teenagers!! Now it’s the only time I get any PEACE!!

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    You are not alone i have been divorced 4 years and have had a few 3/4 month relationships and also a year relationship. I have been single for a year now what i have learnt is to fill your time with friends and believe that one day you will meet someone that makes you happy, but first you need to learn to be happy on your own .

    My ex was engaged two months after i left i say good luck to her ! they married as soon as the divorce came through.

    it sounds sad ! but i have now got used to a glass of wine and netflix on my own, i just try and concentrate on the positives in my life and what i want to do and forget the past. 8

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    Hi Sarah,

    it is not easy to move on. But you can always talk it out ! Drop me a line if you want, happy to chat. My husband left just before 1st lockdown in March. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions, it is hard to just stop thinking. I am here if you need.

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