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    Hello, I’m feeling alone and just want to have someone to talk to

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    Hi Bubblemoon.  Thank you for making contact with the forum.  This community can be a useful way to make contact with other lone parents and share in the experiences of others.  There may well be threads which you have some experience of and will be able to comment on.  In the community section of our website you can find out whether there are any Gingerbread friendship groups in your area.

    Wishing you well.  GingerbreadJustine

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    Hi Bubblemoon, I’m wide awake so thought I’d say hi. Are you ok? How will you be spending Xmas ?

    Do you have kids? Mine have broken up from school today so no more school run for a couple of weeks. Huge relief.

    I’m facing 6 days on my own when they go to their dad’s between Xmas & new year which I’m trying to see as an opportunity. Cleaning, clearing, running, gardening and maybe decorating. The days are ok but the evenings can be tough. Catching us on sleep I suppose.

    Anyway, hope you’re ok.

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    Thank you for sharing, both of you. This time of year is the hardest if you’re alone. Unfortunately my ex-husband is from USA so when he takes our son its always for 2 weeks. I feel like I could fairly easily cope with a week but 15 days feels like forever. I know it’ll pass and I should make the most of it but I miss him desperately with every fibre of my being. Hes just the most amazing boy, funny, sweet, bright and affectionate.  I have a boyfriend but don’t see him that often and like you said it’s the evenings that are hard when the house is totally quiet and empty. The one thing that helps is thinking that he’s probably coping better than me and is having a great time over there. But I think he is probably suffering quietly too. It’s just been the two of us for 10 years and you get so close. Maybe it’s not so healthy for either of us. Anyway thanks for listening.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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