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    i finally made the break to leave my husband after years of an unhappy marriage last month. We have 2 young girls (3 and 4 years old) and have a joint mortgage on the house. He point blank refused to leave so I have found an alternative house to rent with the children. I am a self employed , part time beautician so have claimed Universal Credit as I can’t get tax credits in my area. I haven’t yet been paid as still in early stages of the claim but I’m now really worried that I won’t qualify as my name is on the mortgage and there is equity in our family home. Neither of us can afford to buy the other out as wouldn’t get a mortgage to that amount. He can afford the mortgage repayments on his own and has changed the direct debit into his personal bank account. I have been to a free consultation with a solicitor who says that to start divorce proceedings and force the sale to release my equity it will cost at least £2k – money I don’t have. I have been googling like mad and am worried as it seems that this equity will only be disregarded for 6 months following a split and after that I will have to show it is up for sale or I am taking steps to force the sale but how can I do that with no money for the solicitor and ex totally refusing to consider selling ? I feel totally trapped , I can’t go back to him , I just can’t – but I don’t earn nearly enough to support us without either benefits or the equity from the house – has anyone any advice I’m feeling desperate

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    Hi Kimmy

    Thanks for sharing your story on the forum, hopefully you’ll get support from other forum users.

    If you’d like advice about your financial situation and what extra help you may be entitled to you can call Gingerbread’s free helpline on 0808 802 0925.

    Take care


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    That sounds really hard Kimmy. Hang in there and hopefully claim will come through soon and helpline is useful.


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