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    My son is almost 9 months old and I am at my wits end with his dad who has seen him a handful of times due to working away for months on end and then it’s always my fault, my fault for this my fault for that etc. I bring my little man up single handed and he’s only there now and then and threatens me with mediation etc such a long story but I just want to ask what do I do? He’s a naccarsist and treats me like shit when he doesn’t get what he want when he wants. It’s really hard as it is let alone him nagging me or speaking to me like shit. I try to get on with him for our sons sake but my son doesn’t even like him, bless him he’s only ever with me and this idiot wants to come along when it suits him and thinks he can just say and do what he wants. It’s really getting me down.question for anyone in same boat is do I have to go to mediation if I’ve received an email from his solicitor? I really don’t want to and see no point when it is his problem to be a good dad not mine! I’ve tried so hard and we just can’t get on so what do I do? I feel so burdened with it all. My little boy won’t go to him if he’s ever visited. Recently we took him to a local zoo that’s just re opened, I can’t stand him but did it for our sone but little one doesn’t like him, he’s so young still and obviously we’ve been in lockdown for 3 months I’m all he knows but this arshole doesn’t get that. What do I do? Have I got the right to cut him away completely or am I horrible for this? Do I continue to have to put up with his horrible threats and shit so that my lo can see his dad and try and build a bond between them, I won’t let him have him on his own, no chance! He doesn’t know him.  What do I do

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