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    Don’t know if it’s me but I live on my own, the kids don’t see their dads as it’s too much responsibility for them. I have them 24\7 7 days a week with respite for a couple of days every 5 months. My joints aches I’m shattered I can’t really go anywhere is for a run etc in the evening unless I take them with me. Even have to take them to the shops if I have ran out of milk at night otherwise no milk for the morning. I have a 17 teen year old  who sometimes babysits but she moans and makes me feel guilty if I nip out for 10 minutes to get something for the kids.

    Just losing my enthusiasm for being a mum. My parent live on the other side of the city  so don’t have that much back up even when they do it’s great but they don’t kw what’s it’s like being a single mum.  It’s extremely frustrating because I know how to run my family on a more structured level and how finacially better it is when you are in work. (My youngest is 20 months)  i run Round all of them every day and not even a thank you.  Also my bff is ignoring me. I live too far from. Her now.  My 7 year old won’t play games with me and my 3 year old constantly asks for his dad. I can drive but don’t have a car. Can’t shake this frustration.

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    Hey Sunflower.

    I’m in the opposite situation as my wife ran away with the children and is borderline nervous breakdown and blocks any comms with me and preventing me seeing my 2 children.

    Do you have friends nearby?

    How long has it been going on?

    Is Dad nearby or able to help? Why isn’t he or can’t he?

    Ask the doctors, go to groups, meet others in similar situation.

    Share it with others and ask for help.

    Keep in touch.



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    Hi Sunflower, Agree with pp, go to your GP or practice nurse and explain how exhausted you feel.  Ask them to check, iron levels, thyroid, and vit D. All can make you feel exhausted.

    I used to set aside a Friday evening for me. No cooking, homework, housework. Kids in bed promptly and then it was my time. Bubbly warm bath, soothing music, glass of wine, a film. Home manicure, pedicure, nice moisturiser, early night.

    By Saturday morning I felt human again.

    And have a stern chat with your 17yo. You are a team. Don’t feel guilty. If she wants you to cook & clean & ferry her around, she can babysit for 3 hours a week. It won’t do her any harm. x

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    hi, there single father of 4 .2  7 years old. a 9-year-old and 15 years old been on my own 7 years now just me and kids so-called mother seen kids once in 2 years there is days, when ya think what am I doing kids, don’t help I started feeling tired at lunchtime run down burned out just one day at a time we do are best for kids and I come last then you feel that way7-year-old twins  don’t let it get you down by for now

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