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    Omgoodness! Well done, you did it all! What a numpty.

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    Thank you I appreciate all the support and advice.

    He called me and told me he will support me in the best way he can and that he means it but he doesn’t know what that will look like for us.

    I’m feeling so torn at the moment. Part of me wants to do it alone and just get on with it because I know I don’t deserve to be treated this way and don’t want to be with someone who’s only trying to make it work because we are having a baby but at the same time I also feel like I owe it to our baby to at least try and make it work so I know at least I did give them a chance of having a mum and dad together.

    Both options scare me because I’m worried I’m just going to get hurt in the long run either way. I can either hurt now and pick myself up and get on with it thinking what if or I can get back with him and try and make it work and in a few weeks, months or year he might tell me he can’t do it and break my heart.

    I’ve never hurt this much in my life.

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    Getting away from my ex was the best thing I did. I was more relaxed, baby was more happier and settled. If you’re stressed your milk will be affected its a mindfield. Welcome to motherhood eighteen more years of hard choices.

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    @Jess8080 I’ve gone through exactly the same situation as you and it hurts. My boy is 4.5 months old now and I don’t regret a thing. He’s a miracle – from the day I found out I was pregnant to now being a single, exhausted mamma – when I look at him, nothing or no one else matters.
    My boyfriend wanted a child before I got pregnant and then when I got pregnant, he wanted me to abort. He didn’t support me much during the pregnancy- instead I was subjected to all the emotional rubbish that you are going through. He was hot and cold when he wanted to be and I was treading on egg shells while I was sick during pregnancy and hormonal and all because I desperately wanted him to be a part of our little family. In hind sight, I wish I stopped all of that and told him where to go when he started all the rubbish, I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy my pregnancy because of the stress he caused me. All I can say is, do what feels right for you and the baby. A baby is a blessing no matter the circumstances. Sending you hugs and hope you get through this – which you can. I never thought I could do it on my own but I’m managing so far. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really hard but worth every bit of of pain you are going through. Here to chat if you want x

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    Reading all these comments is so upsetting , knowing that so many women have all experienced similar circumstances, it’s just awful .

    just remember you are not alone and loads of people have had similar experiences, and have come out fighting at the other end ,just look after yourself and do what’s best for you, hope everything works out for you. 

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    @mammabear that’s my worry.

    He seems to be so up and down I think if I let him be he’s just going to be there one minute and letting me down the next and that’s not going to be good for me or the baby because my emotions are going to be a wreck.

    He text and told me he’ll come down and spend the weekend with me and I’m sat here thinking should I let him do that or should I tell him I need space or simply say where to go.

    You’ll know it better than me probably because you’ve been through it all but I’m sat thinking what if he comes down this weekend and we get on well and things start to pick up then the other part can already feel the icy atmosphere and awkwardness of it all.

    Another part which is the strongest feeling part feels like he’s just doing this to show his parents and mine that he’s trying to make it work but then he can say later it’s not working but at least it looks like he tried and didn’t just bail.

    My mum understandably and my brother said no matter what I choose they’ll never be able to be in the same room as him ever again and that they hate him so that itself is telling me it’ll never work longterm because my family won’t ever accept him again either.

    I thought his family was better than this and would of messaged me I guess I didn’t know any of them well at all.

    He told me last year he wanted to be a dad and we even tried for a couple of months but then he got cold feet and we stopped. He said when he has kids he wants them to have a mum and a dad together and give them the best start…… He could of tried for this little one to do that as we’d been getting on great the last couple of months no arguments everything was going well….. This didn’t have to stop that even though none of us wanted it right now.

    Again thank you everyone for support…. Feel like I’m just ranting now

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    Taryn Evans

    Your child is a gift from God! Take care of him and be happy!

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