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    I’m 22 and I’m a relationship but I don’t live my partner and don’t ever plan to as I enjoy living at home with my mum and brother and he can’t live with me as my parents don’t like him and never will. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and ever since been pregnant my mums not that close to me and says she don’t want my child calling her nan and makes me sad but as she will never like my partner as he has severe mental health at my times my mum won’t accept him which is so sad as I love him and I even feel arkward in my mums house to put up a cot or decorations as she’s made me feel so bad and arkward about having a child and she even said she is gonna hate when I’m gonna have baby toys everywhere etc i have a job I work as a receptionist and enjoy that I don’t want to move out of home as i will feel alone as I don’t have any friends I don’t know what to do I feel wrong having this baby as how my mum is being just so depressed

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    Maybe in a bit of time she will come round.

    Dont be down plan for your future with your baby miracle : )

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    Maybe you need to reconsider your priorities. I understand you don’t want to move out but think about what’s best for the baby in the long run.. the baby needs a stable house, both his parents and with time hopefully your mum will come round to the idea of being a nan.. if I were u… I’d move out with my partner you said you love him right so why not live together and raise your child. It’s hard doing things alone esp when the family isn’t on the same page at you…nothing is ever set in stone if living away from home doesn’t work you can always go back to your mum.

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    Personally it was scary when I moved to my own house after all I went threw. I had never lived on my own it was so scary. I have mental health problems (anxiety and depression) it can actually get bad some times but had to learn the tell signs it took a little bit of time adjusting … It took me 2 years to get the hang of it and I found out that the area I live it is so nice they even ask if something is rong if my light out front starts flashing.. there are a lot of things you can do to make it better when you have a kid like baby groups at children center.. and there is plenty of different apps you can get on your phone to help with ajusting and making new friends… I never found out till I had been in my house a year and got told my one of my councillors… Sometimes talking to a doctor can help  they can some times advise you what might help.

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