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    My husband left nearly 5 months ago, I was completely devastated he cut all contact for 3 months with me and the kids & only got back in contact when I asked him to see them because they weren’t coping and it was only a tzt saying pick up and drop off time. For those 3 months I was a mess, seeing the kids in so much pain killed me so when he started seeing them it was a relief I was doing so well, started clearing the house of all his things a putting them in an out building for him to collect. 2 wks ago I told him it was there and he hasn’t had any communication since picking it up, still sees the children but just shows up at the ‘usual’ time to collect them. Which is fine I just afraid he won’t show up and the kids are hurt. I thought Christmas was going to be tough having to split time with him but it worked. So today I get up & feel that punch in the stomach like the morning after he left I haven’t stopped crying and I miss him so much today. I don’t understand it? I know I still love him very much  but I’ve accepted that he has moved on and doesn’t want me just the kids. But today it hurts so much 😭😭😭

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    Sure it hurts.Ha.How can it not.Its …I don’t know,it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me I think.(actually with hindsight marrying him was a pretty bad thing to have happened as well in my case:-) And when we have kids it’s not like we can drown our sorrows or self destruct in any way for a bit of temporary respite from the emotional trauma.It’s hard to keep business as usual when it’s not.I felt like I lost a piece of myself even tho at the same time it was a relief not to deal with his craziness anymore.I don’t know why ppl don’t need a licence to have kids,that wld weed out the men from the boys.

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