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    Hi guys

    Just feeling a bit off. My head spinning my son is very denanding of my attention. Im drained and finding it a tough stage he’s 21 months old and my word has he found a strong willed nature of late.

    He screams the house down when ya say no or dont grab him another drink or basically i walk out the room

    I try my best to do what works for us in our routines but when he plays up ya reckon that he would be being neglected or something. He has a meal then when its all gone kicks up a fuss. He generally screams when my mum here like she looks after him here while i go to work in the mornings and will have him over night wed till fri. He is good for her but when im around the kick off starts he runs into hall, bangs his head, kicks up a fuss

    I have a rocking chair with straps and clips on still. Its a baby to big kid rocker and i call it the chill out chair. This is wjat i use for calm down time. I know he is gonna be in a screaming fit but if i js need to do dishes, grab some washing or have a little breather i sit him in the chair with the tele on n he seems to calm down. Its good and lets us both chill but its this tantrum over nothing and the loudness of the screams im not rly sure how to deal with it I just get stressed n wonder if im failing in some way

    He is amazing going to bed which im buzzing about as i do get from 8pm to chill out and he generally gets up around 8ish, earlier if im at work but he still has 11/12 hours sleep. I try and fill our days as much as I can but I think i just need to find a way i can cope better it sends me stressed when he kicks up these fusses n i get a little down n feel useless. He is only 1 and isnt expected to know certain things he does isnt rly right but like I just dont know how to approach this stage


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    Hi Gingey28

    You might want to ring Family Lives for advice on  their free helpline which is 0808 800 2222.

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    Hi Gingey28

    did the Family Lives people give you anything useful?

    My son is 2.5 y/o and is a nightmare ATM. Just as you described, and more too, as he is that bit older and really strong.

    Any info you could pass on would be great. I dread mornings when I need to get ready for work and take him to nursery. He went two days last week without his teeth being brushed as he won’t do it himself, but physically won’t let anyone but his dad do it.

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    Hey. I havent called them. Thing as the week has gone on I’ve felt better. Its good to chat on here and know others have similar situations. It all isnt gonna be easy hey but yes certain things seem to set them off into a tantrum and its tough and draining but its normal part of growing up hey. Just didnt know it would be so soon haha


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