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    I have been with my husband for 23 years. We have 3 children between us and 1 together. He has been drinking alot. 3 years ago he hit me lots of times. Our daughter was 11 then, she came in and jumped on his back twice and stopped him. She didnt want me to call the police and I didn’t she didnt want daddy going to prison. . She has been telling me to leave him for the last 3 years. Just as covid started he moved onto our boat to self isolate away from me as I have breathing problems. I knew something wasnt right. I then got a phone call from a lady telling me she had meet him  on match.com  and been in a 6 week relationship with my husband. I finished it straight away. My husband has moved back to surrey is now living with a friend of ours in a relationship with her. He is claiming I have mentally emotionally and financially abused him. My main concern is he has not been in contact with our daughter since 14th April no text or call and I dont think he will as he had lied to everyone about what happened and if he has anything to do with our daughter she will tell everyone the truth and burst his little bubble. She is glad he has gone but is devastated he has not tried to get in contact  I am really worried about her. She never wants to come out of her room. I have taken her camping and to see friends but she suffers with anxiety and is due back at school to start her GCSEs we normally have a really good relationship but she is not talking to me. What can I do. Help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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