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    I know this time of year makes us feel lonely.

    My sons are at their dads this evening.

    I am strong 99.9% of the time but after this year I feel so vulnerable and week.

    Divorced nearly 7 years now after being married for 20 years. It was tough.  Started dating a guy who I thought was nice, turned out he was a narcissist who tried to cut me off from my family, finally ended the relationship in February this year.  Best thing that happened this year! But still getting abuse.  Even though I’ve blocked him on everything, he has now started emailing me at work ffs I just ignore the messages now in the hope he will eventually get bored!


    anyway feeling fat, fed up, unappreciated by my teenagers and just fed up in general.  Can’t imagine ever meeting someone else.  Covid has cut me off from my family and friends a I work for the nhs so can’t risk seeing anyone.


    is anyone else just fed up and lonely.  I don’t necessarily want to date, just have company and someone to do things with as all my friends are married.

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    I feel cut off this week from everything . I’m trying to be optimistic, but I’m worn  out and not being able to meet with anyone because of restrictions or that they are isolating!

    We have been going out in the afternoon to get some exercise but the weather is v depressing. My daughter fell into a muddy puddle  today after 10 mins at the park .she had jumped into it then sat down .

    Our nanny is back in hospitals &  the old child minder doesn’t celebrate Christmas which sort of helps as she’s not got any family commitments and said she will call me tomorrow!

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    Hi Mum of twins,

    I kind of get how you mean, I was in a relationship would of 10years this august i was married for 4 years, she turned around and said to me in June before her birthday she wanted a divorce after joining university. I have 1 daughter who is 3 going on 4. I got severely depressed at the start, i have had to move back in my dads  and sell my house i worked so hard to make a home for us all. I now feel worthless and only see  my daughter every other weekend. I am spending Christmas alone my dad doesn’t celebrate it and i am gutted. But feel free to chat and reach out it find it does help to talk and try and build a life some how or way.

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    Im totally with you on this one..seems COVID has dealt a hammer blow to most single parents. I booked a ballroom dance class last in the hope of starting this weekend the classes have now been cancelled since last weekend.

    The only positive is I will spend Christmas with the kids and my ex urhh. New Years I will be solo. My ex has invited her boyfriend for New Year’s Eve she had the cheek to ask me if I could come I declined the offer…

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    Thanks for the replies.  Just feeling so fed up and unappreciated.  Glad I’m not the only one who feels like this.  I hope 2021 is a better year for us all xx

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    @Mumoftwins75 We’re right here. I know it isn’t the same as someone coming by for a cuppa or popping out to Starbucks to catch up. But we are all here.

    I know it’s heartbreaking but time will make it easier.

    If I could pop by for a cuppa, I’d bring custard tarts. Happy with those? 🙂

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    Got some help today , my hands and feet have been painful .we did some woodland walking with child in buggy .the old nanny came and helped and it was so mega epic  lovely. Made a big lamb casserole with mash in the morning so it was nice to have that to eat tonight.;got our online food shop!

    Child broke my beautiful old dressing table which needs to be binned☹️☹️also broke a very  large glass bauble which I got for £2 by standing in her toy bus and falling into tree today !! I tried to find it online but its£18 so I won’t bother !

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    Hey there,

    It’s so sad to hear but you aren’t alone.

    I felt the same way but not anymore! Because I choose to be happy and optimistic. Uncertain times and we are all hurting I’ve been laid off due to the pendamic, you know how it’s difficult…. but I’m still optimistic 🙂

    Stay safe and be strong

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    Hi mum of twins,

    Yep.Fat,overworked & underpaid.that’s how I feel😉 too.

    It’s this cold that does me in.And my would-have-been-anniversary that just passed.And having the kids off.And the gym being shut.And Debenhams closing down.Feel like the world’s coming to an end.So I buy chocolate and watch old episodes of Desperate Housewife.

    They say nothing lasts forever.Let’s see, eh?!

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    Hi 🙂

    You are absolutely not alone. 100%. I only joined this group today. I have been struggling with feelings of loneliness and low self-worth.

    This time of year is always hard, right? Then on top of that the whole year long covid struggle, no support, not allowed to see/do normal things and responsibility of single parenting and feeling like it’s all my fualt anyway.

    Know that you have been through so much and are doing well just by reaching out and getting help.

    Here if you want to chat.


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    Hi.Cheer up.Can’t be All your fault…takes two to create messes like these,have a nice day today & enjoy the weather if it’s nice where you are.

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