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    Feeling so alone at mo. All I seem to do is work, cook, taxi and tidy up after my 5 year old.

    My friends who are happy married are going on couple holidays and don’t think to ask because I’m a single parent.  Is it just me feeling sorry for myself or do couple not get we are still up for a laugh and need our friends.  After 20 plus years I am alone again hoping that somewhere out there some one is willing to have fun again.  Don’t get me wrong I would much rather it is me and my son than the tat I have to put up with. Just wondering if anyone else feels same??? Ps this is not poor me just wondering??

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    I feel u, I’ve recently split with my husband. We were together just shy of 24yrs. I lost all my friends as a teen when I started dating him. It’s a lonely rd at the moment especially with covid, I’m hoping when everything is back to some sort of normal, the playgroups will open and I will have to take myself out of my comfort zone. It’s very much like ground hog day

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    Hi, i’m feeling the same. I’m a single mum to two teenage boys who spend most of their time in their rooms. After being married for 20 years i’ve now been divorced for two years. I’ve been made redundant this week and my last day at work was on Wednesday. I’m really feeling the loss of chatting to work colleagues. I’m trying to stay positive for my boys but finding it hard at the mo.

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    Married 24yeara a life time together he was my best friend, i fell lit with friends and family to stand by him . We have 5 kids together and have been through a life that can only be seen in a movie . Then he goes and has an affair. He broke my heart .

    I tried to get past it as we had both given up on each other but then he has another affair and tells me he is in love with her .
    i cant forgive him and am filling for divorce he does not know what is about to happen  i am left having to live with him and he doesn’t speak to me .
    i hopefully have a new home to go to if the council comes through for me .
    I am over him and cant wait to start my new life . I want fun and loud music and freedom .
    Anyone wlse out there !!!

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    I’m a single dad with a 4yr old, no social life…can’t get work because of child minder costs and I am organised and also feel stuck in a rut due to being on this universal credit since my daughter was born

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    Hi. So I became a single parent of three in my early fifties. At first it was a struggle, however once I accepted it life got a lot easier. Yes I do have down times now and again. Albeit very rarely now. we were together for over 24 years.
    My nearest family is over 300 miles away and I don’t have what I can call friends near me.
    My best advice is to get into a daily routine of some sort and keep yourself busy. I promise you it gets easier as time goes bye.
    Take care

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    You can research Single With Kids and Single Parents Travel Club, I haven’t tried it yet, but am very interested if Covid allows…  I’m lucky to be co-parenting, so I’m with the kids 66% of the time, and on my own for 33% of the time so it’s a nice balance affording me freedom and uninterrupted time to concentrate on stuff I want to. With Covid now, I feel like walking is the only safe social activity available, so I sign up for hikes and walks every chance I get (on Meetup.com and Facebook groups etc). I still haven’t made any BFFs but hope springs eternal!

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    Matt W

    I’m dealing with a unfaithful wife, I’m in the verge of asking her to leave as I’ve just found out the affair is still continuing after we’ve been trying to make a go of it. I’m scared of the evenings of being in my own with my thoughts. We’ve been together for 25 years and although my 3 kids/teenagers are fully behind  me I just can’t bare the thought of a life in my own, even though I’m sort of there already. I’m only managing 3 or so hours of sleep a night, does anyone have any suggestions of how to cope?

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    I’m 21 years married , 27 years together and really struggling too. Been separated 13 weeks and can’t seem to accept what’s happened that he was unfaithful so I’m trying to move on but find myself going over and over things in my head . The sleeping does get better as you basically become over  tired , all I can say is take all the help you can if offered , talk as much as you can , I use herbal sleeping tablets – no idea if they work but hey everything is worth a shot !! Here to listen, vent off , compare notes if anyone wants to talk 😊

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    I’m here to lend an ear to if you need to vent off . I’m 13 weeks separated – details at end of this post, take care 😊

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    I’m 9 weeks separated with a 1 year old. I’m happy to chat to others in a similar boat xxx

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    To everyone who has had to deal with loss

    Be it love or marriage.

    Its a process .

    Sadness , Loss, Expectance , Anger and

    Moving on . But there is an end when you get to . Finding yourself again .

    For me personally It broke me but I did get to the end and I am happy with who I am and can’t wait to start my own life again .

    In all of it , was the lying and the deceit .

    making me feel like I was going mad .

    I can see now I wish it had not taken so long . I want my life back and I am going to find my happiness again .

    Hang in there

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    So glad you’re feeling much better. How long did it take you to get through it all? xx

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