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    my child’s father has just moved into his own place with his new gf… we only split end of may and currently going through a divorce…. he has now jst moved into a place with her… he was previously living at his mums and having his child there….

    however how he has moved he is refusing to give me his sons addressing will only give it me if he stays over even though he will be there 90% of the time and says there is no need for me to no his address….

    I have been told that I do have a right to withheld contact on this basis if he refuses to tell.me where my son is and will be….

    he is rather naracassit too and make some feel like everything I say and do is wrong and tries to manipulate a situation by threatening with legal routes knowing I cant afford and stuff… to get it all to go his way… so I feel I dknt have a leg to stand on and that I will get into trouble for it etc

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    My ex is doing exactly the same thing he’s moved into a new house and refuses to tell me the address even though the kids sleep there 3 nights a week, when i moved he hounded me night and day and followed me until he found out.

    I can’t face having an argument about it and having just been through five long years of legal wrangling i can’t face that again so I’ve put a tracking app on my daughters phone so I can get a general idea of where he’s living.  I have no desire to go there i just want to know he’s far enough away from me that i don’t have to be scared as he threatened to move into my street.  I haven’t asked the children because i don’t want to put them in an awkward position as he always tells them not to tell me things.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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