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    Hi everyone,

    Need abit of advice and help. After 3 years of my child’s father not being in contact. he has texted me asking if my partner who I am with now and have Been for 3 and half years would like to have rights his parental rights of our child. My partner is who my child now calls daddy and knows as his father. His biological father wasn’t consistent when he was around.

    He owes child maintenance as we’ve gone through the company and he also has 2 other children with who he is with now. We’re of the understanding that we have to go to mediation first. However I was wondering will it be allowed for my partner to take parental responsibility even though child maintenance is owed and he has 2 other children who he loves and  cares for as I’d obviously like to have the rights handed to my partner as that who my child sees as daddy and who has been a real father to my child.

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    seems a bit drastic of him to give up his parental rights/responsibilities. what if your partner applies for rights as a guardian?

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    I’m not sure the biological fathers motives for it if m completely honest.however its what he wants to do. He was very inconsistent when he was in our child’s life and unfortunately showed lack of care of more than a few occasions. So would just like to know information on what rights we have to do this as he owes cm (he is now paying it off but will take 3 years) and he has 2 children with another woman. I’m hoping it’s can just be a smooth process of signing rights over however I’ve not found a huge amount of information on it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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