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    I stupidly out of anger told my daughter’s father that I was going to move away. I was bluffing when I said it, we broke up a few months ago and I’ve been an emotional mess ever since. Now he is threatening to take me to court to gain full custody cos I said I was going to move away with our daughter. We weren’t married but he is on the birth certificate. What’s the chance that he will get full custody I am so scared.


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    I know from speaking to my solicitor previously after going through the courts (not about custody), she mentioned that courts generally don’t like to remove a child from a stable home. So if your daughter has consistently lived with you and is settled etc, they shouldn’t look to remove her unless they feel it would be in the child’s best interests. My ex has also threatened me with this previously, so whilst I had a solicitor hired for a consent/contact order for our child I gathered as much information as I could about a few things. Hope this puts your mind at ease a little.

    I’m obviously not a solicitor and don’t know the law 100%, but that was just the advice I was given (my ex lives an hour away so joint custody would probably also not be an option, we alternate weekends and Christmas instead).

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    I have been through this process,

    my ex kept the children instead of returning

    key items considered in my case

    key is stability of the children

    where is the family home

    what ages of the Child/children

    you need to consider there can only be one school ( you cannot split this) so that the children are local to this




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    it’s very difficult, but you have to try and be disciplined. never react, but respond in a calm manner if your ex partner messages you, and if it’s something you have to respond to, like arrangements about children. Courts generally give dads a hard time. They would only change custody of children for serious reasons, for example the parent with care has problems with drugs, alcohol and is so unstable, and or the children are absent from school often etc.

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