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    Hi I’m new, just really wanting to find out whether anyone is in the same boat as me and advice on dealing with feelings (And kids!)

    When we first split up 20 months ago, my son’s father and I agreed joint custody and he spent half the time at my house and half at his dad’s, since then my ex has started a new relationship, with a woman 12 years his junior who has a 9 year old daughter, they moved in with him last summer. He has been reducing contact more and more since, blaming my son for not liking them and misbehaving, he currently has him one Friday each fortnight and for 3 hours every other Tuesday, he hasn’t had him to stay in the school holidays for a year.

    I have only just found out (the day she was giving birth actually) that they have had a baby now and he has just  cancelled my son going this Friday with a ridiculous explanation and I’m fuming!

    I feel like I have just been abandoned to get on with raising the child we chose to have together and my son feels rejected and replaced, I am a strong person so I am coping ok but what if I wasn’t?!! Sorry for the long rant!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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