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    So my baby wasn’t planned and I’m not with the dad.

    long story short I was seeing him a few weeks and got pregnant the first and only time we slept together. I have PCOS and was told previously would be hard for me have another child (I have a 6 year old from previous relationship and was trying with his dad for another for 3 years).

    so baby’s dad told me to get an abortion which I didn’t do he was dead set he wasn’t gonna be involved and told me not to contact him again.

    fast forward to 6 months pregnant and he decides he now wants to be involved we name the baby, he insists on being there for the birth and baby having his last name and even starts buying stuff for the baby.
    2 weeks lasted he I get a text saying he’s changed his mind and can never forgive me for keeping the baby so he doesn’t wanna be involved and to never contact him again.

    my heads a mess I’m so confused dunno what to do!

    also to make it worse he lives on my road so I see him all the time

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    Hi mummyp2

    Hi my heart goes out to you but listen you are not alone, I’m going through this too. I’m only 7weeks pregnant and have experienced this a few times already with my now ex who I though was the one. It’s not ok and it hurts,  i for one am humiliated but the yo-yo behaviour but I’m trying not to let it get to me. I know this child is a gift and although doing it alone wasn’t something I envisage I’m learning to wrap my head around it and accept that I could be doing this alone no matter how long for ,but if something gives and he (my baby’s father) changes his mind and proves that he wants to be there then I’ll welcome that for the sake of my child but I  won’t rely on his presence or help, I may be wrong but that’s how I think u should approach this also to spare you any more pain heart break and confusion. Let your child be your main focus give them all the love they can ask for and if people come to their senses along the way then fine if not then you’re good. Either way you’ll be doing what you need to do and maybe when your bf sees you handling your business it will make him see just how much of a lousy father let alone person he’s been. I dunno like I said I’m going through it too, but thinking like this has helped me find peace amongst the pain and abandonment

    love and light to you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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