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    Me and my sons Dad split a month ago and all childcare arrangements are done through third party due to the nature of why we split.

    However he is only willing to see him once a week despite only living 5 minutes away.

    We both work full time so my little boy has always gone to Nursery for a couple of days a week. So we are both in similar situations in terms of our commitments.

    However tonight we were told by his Mum that he will only be having him once a week and that will be on the weekend from 11-5.

    I am disgusted to say the least as even his parents aren’t offering support and they are 5 mins away.

    My mum has had to sacrifice so much to help me and she lives the other side of the city and she does not drive.

    Can anyone recommend what I can do in terms of supporting my son to see his Dad more as it is being made very difficult by his parents.

    To see my little boy upset about Daddy not seeing him is breaking my heart, he’s almost turning 3 and understands a lot more than I imagined.

    Just to add he is currently being investigated for controling and coercive behaviour and I truly believe this is him being controlling because he wants me to struggle as I have recently started a new job which I have worked very hard for and he knows the child care situation in the week will be affecting me massively.

    Can anybody please recommend a possible solution or the right people to speak to regarding this for further support?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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