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    This is my first time on a forum.

    Trying to find a way to have some extra support with how I’m feeling.

    I recently took my son to see his father abroad. Unfortunately I can now see the affect it’s having on my 3 year son. I’ve said to him to come to me if he ever feels upset or wants to talk about or call him. When he saw him before he was much younger. Now he tries to call  him and his dad don’t reply until few days later. He spent such good quality time with him bonding and with both of us there.

    He’s taking it out on mummy and not listening to me at all where before he would do and upsetting to see how it’s changed him so much.😔 He says he wants to go back and for me to come too which is understandable he misses him and bonding with both of us. His mood and reactions are different now where before he was calm, chilled and smiley more.

    It makes me feel bad he is going through this even though I know I didn’t create the situation we are in now.

    I feel like he needs a consistent male role model where he can have an interaction to play sports he likes and play. I play with him but can tell with him something is missing. He does not have that they are all busy with their lives and other commitments.

    Any positive support?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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