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    I’m a single parent of two. I have trouble with my ex when it comes to things like functions or holidays. Legally the agreement is he gets to see the children every other weekend. However, when I let him know in advance that I would like the children for a wedding, holiday or a family function he never agrees and tells me no. I can’t do anything as I have to be there to leave them off and pick them up.

    However, when he has family events or wants to go on holidays he tells me he’s not taking the children and goes to them

    What am I to do? I feel like I’m stuck and can’t go to anything when it’s planned. I feel like my life is controlled by him.

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    Ultimately if an event is planned for “his” weekend I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it to him or the children.  Accept that he won’t move his weekend and that’s that.

    Likewise if he doesn’t take the children on his weekends I would take this as a perk and definitely not give him an alternative weekend simply make him wait a month to se the children.

    By being less irate about his lack of flexibility you remove the control and by not cowtailing  to him for anything then there’s no issue.

    Now obviously if the notice for him not taking the children is late you could be pedantic and simply bring the children to him regardless etc, but ultimately that’s only winding you up further!

    Try as hard as it is to be all zenith about it. That way he has no negative impact on your life…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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