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    Looking for a bit of advice…

    We have been to Court and a Contact Order is in place (and has been adhered to on my side).  The Order was put in place a year ago following a wrangle over Residence during which my son’s father was accusing me of being a terrible mother etc etc.

    Just before this Christmas, my son discovered that his dad has a 24yr old daughter who has recently contacted him, but of whom he was always aware.  Her mother had fled with her in order to stop him having contact.  I was never made aware of this child and neither was Cafcass.  Her mother did not want contact and did not pursue child support for whatever reason.  However, I suspect this must be due to his abusive behaviours… I don’t know.
    But the Contact Order has been drawn up based on lies.  I was not listened to when I said that he is emotionally abusive and very controlling.  This is damaging my son who always returns home upset and often I have to pick him up from school on Mondays following his weekend contact with his dad.
    I don’t want to stop my son from seeing his dad, but just wondering if the fact that his dad did not declare this child and therefore his history was not considered whilst making the order… does this give me enough leverage to not force my son to see his dad if he says he doesn’t want to?!

    I know i could try to return it to Court, but the Court process caused so much stress to both my son and my other children, I’d rather avoid this if possible?!
    Thanks anyone…

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    The new information shows your ex is dishonest and manipulative but not that he is abusive.

    How old is your son? Will the school confirm that your son is regularly upset after spending the weekend with his dad?

    Did you use a solicitor when you went to court? If so, can you query it with them?

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