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    Hi there,

    I’m writing this post because I feel absolutely low and just feel like talking to an empty space.

    I have 3 children and no other family or friends around me. Recently the schools “Family Support Worker” has continuously targeted my family and it really is bringing me down.

    Every day she interrogates my children and asks the whether they are happy at home, several months ago my ex and I had a dispute and he pushed me. Immediately I called the police and had him removed. The situation was dealt with immediately and he doesn’t really get involved.

    Everything would have been fine from that point, until the “Family Support Worker” then made a huge issue of it, then stated she saw a bruise on my daughters face ( this happened at school and was proven as the school photos were in the morning), however, it has triggered weekly social service visits. I feel like I am having to worry about everything. We got a dog and the social worker asked did we get it for protection. This is going on for months and as the “victim of the pushing”, I feel like I am having to pay the price by this constant questioning of my ability to parent.

    The straw on the camels back was the other day. I’ve come down with this Aussie flu, the girls got themselves dressed and we were running late. I said to my daughter, that top has a stain on it, can you go change it, I said this 3 times, but by the time we were already to leave, i was just happy to get them to school.

    Later that day, the “FSW” calls on the phone and asks me to come in for an urgent meeting. I agreed and turned up to listen to the most undermining talk from a women who has no intention of supporting me whatsoever. She said my daughter arrived at school and was frantic because she had a stain on her top. I know, from the morning, my daughter who is 5 was super chilled and didn’t care less as I had prompted her several times to change it.

    She said she had changed her top for me.

    I feel a huge rage and left.

    If the FSW was wanting to support me, why didn’t she say on the phone, they I changed your daughters top or leave a note in her bag. I really don’t know why she brought me in to tell me in a very dramatic way that my daughter was frantic and this was distressing for her.I simply don’t believe her and feel it was an attack to me. I feel this lady is waiting for my fails, magnifying them then making a song and dance about them, totally undermining my confidence and ok,  a stain top fail, but its like an assumption I always fail.

    It has really brought me down as I have complained about the FSW before and feel I have no control over my children while they go to school. She keeps taking them out of class and I have refused permission for things that are non school related and they have gone ahead anyway.

    I asked for a Subject access 4 months ago and they have ignored it.

    Powerless and pssed off

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    I wouldn’t know much about schools but I feel like the person is just being vindictive and causing you unnecessary stress. I would get a meeting with the school body or the head office of who the person works for and put in a complaint.

    Tell them that it’s on a constant basis and you feel targeted. Write down all the things that the FSW has done and what you’ve done. Include dates and times so it’s evidence.

    Mid she calls you in again for a so called urgent meeting and goes all dramatic I would just tell her there and then that isn’t healthy for you or the kids and tell her it’s damaging your family life. Have someone go with you.

    Hope this advice helps. Chin up your doing an awesome job!!

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    Sounds like a bit of bullying and harassment here .  Just keep your cool and don’t let it to you.  I have a child with his autistic and feel I am spoken to like a child .

    My daughter has pica and only developed it starting her new school . She has been off, 9 days with upset tummy as school kept sending her home   the family liaison officer insisted it was a bug. And said to me on phone ” don’t you have an upset tummy ” like I’m a flipping child   . I said picking crap off floor and getting sick does not make it contagious. Then my daughter s clothes kept getting stolen but no explanation. Friday she was hit on the head by a flying wooden brick when a child had melt down . Again no proper explanation and I’m felt to feel villain because I want to know what actually happened. Take some one with you to these meetings . You don’t have to put up with this

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    Sheesh, your posts reads like a really good Mum doing her absolute best, but feels like she has to justify every insignificant, run o the mill, daily stuff as though you have done something wrong ?….i know how that feels Sheesh, i have been trashed by social services recently,  and i just wanted to crumble. My redemption, remebering i am a cracking good Dad….and i bet you are as a Mum….you MUST remember that Sheesh….Top Tip….how to empower yourself….record everything..digitally, if you dont know how learn. Do your homework on the legal aspects of that {that means google it Sheesh} ….since i did that, and i now tell social workers i am recording their every word ! …empower yourself Sheesh….D

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