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    Hello, I am a single mother with a two year old son. Unfortunately his father cheated whilst pregnant and manipulated and emotional abused me during this time and for months after. I cut off all contact due to the abuse I received from him so that I may improve my self esteem and depression without his influence dragging me back down! During this time I maintained access with his mother after discussing what he had done. She acted as third party and we over a number of weeks have made an arrangement that all parties agreed. My only request was not to see her son during this time and that collections and drop off should be done with out him being present. However on the FIRST arranged access day he did not leave and I was forced to collect my son. This left me shaking and nervous to the point I threw up on my way home. When I challenged the breach she simply stated what does it matter he’s at her house so long as he didn’t answer the door ect. And that next time she will get him to park the truck away so I won’t know he is there. As far as I am concerned this is in acceptable and no longer want to go to her house as I do not trust her to honour any part of our agreement now! Am I being unreasonable ? And do I have a right not to return and continue access as agreed by us ? I have tried so hard to get to a point where my son sees his father especially as he is telling everyone I am controlling and won’t let him see his son ect for them to do this. I can’t help feeling I am having the wool pulled over my eyes and that they did this on purpose! Why else would you scupper your chances of regular access if that’s what you wanted. Why didn’t he just leave as agreed ? Any advice would be great from someone who has been in this situation, and a little guidance as to where I go next ! Thank you for your time x

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