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    hello, me and my daughters father split up about 2 years ago. She’s almost 4, but recently I’ve been having a lot of nasty/vile behaviour from his girlfriend that’s causing me a lot of concern. I was asked into my daughters preschool to discuss her pushy behaviour and nasty demeanour. She’s never liked me in the typical ex girlfriend way but she’s so disrespectful and rude. My daughter has said on many times that she wants to spend time with just daddy, and I’ve been told by the preschool  that she gets really upset when she sees this woman coming to pick her and today she just cried and cried into me begging not to let her go. But this woman just looked more and more angry which made my lo even more upset. They  moved into a new house 5 months ago and I’ve only just been given their address after asking many times. She’s blocked me on social media and kicked up a major fuss about giving me her mobile number so I can contact her when she’s got my child. I can’t talk to either of them about it even in a calm civil manor as they’ll start arguing and swearing. Ss have him down as a controlling partner. I just kind of want some advice before I seek out solicitors and professional advice. Thankyou

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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