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    Ive been a single parent for many years, oldest is 20 years old, my next nearly 15, they have the same selfish dad. It was what it was, ive just cracked on. Ive given up the best years of my life to be a single mother, worked hard, given my children my everything financially & emotionally completely on my own, sat on my own also & cried through the sadness and loneliness, ive even tried to run & emigrated to Australia with all good intentions, but came back (with nothing but the clothes on our back may I add…long story) as the grass just wasnt greener the other side. I had one major support & my only friend  & that was my mom, but she died within months of being diagnosed with cancer years ago. Then I met a man who was charming, convincing & I thought he ‘got me’ but he was an alcoholic. Everything was lies,lies & more lies unbeknown to me at the time. He begged me to give him a child, which I did but in the meanwhile drank & stole every penny when I was pregnant, I ended up penniless in a high rise with my children. I got out of there.  The little one is nearly 4 now, and is the best & most lovable little thing that I cherish with every breath & so do my other children…the dad hasn’t set eyes on her since she was a baby. My older children are living their own lives with their friends, understandably now, so I rarely see them & so its just me & the little one. I have no  family, no friends anymore & im so lonely, I have been for so long. I feel such a sad, useless failure thats got nothing left to give as I haven’t got any fight left in me.  Sorry for the long boring post.

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