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    After dscovering a (very) unexpected pregnancy and deciding that personally at this point in time I didn’t want to have an abortion, I’m expectng a baby in December of this year.

    I guess a lot of people find themselves becoming single parents at some point during their child/children’s lives, but I guess this will be the case from me from day one.

    I was wondering if anyone else was single and expecting…

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    I’m actually due next Thursday – eek!

    It was an unexpected pregnancy and I was with the father until about 3 months ago, in what I thought was a stable relationship. But he just hasn’t really been able to step up (yet at least) and has all sorts of other issues to deal with, so it looks like I am facing this on my own – I’m back living with my parents for the time being – most likely for the entirety of my maternity leave as I’m not entitled to any financial help and can’t afford to privately rent on maternity pay.

    If you want to chat I’m here. And congratulations! You’ve got this. Xx

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    Hi, I have 2 children from a marriage that ended 10 years ago (when my youngest was a few weeks old). I recently discovered that I’m unexpectedly expecting. I’ve been in a relationship with someone for 2 years but he basically can’t cope with committing in anyway because of his mental health- and our recent news has thrown a ton of dynamite into the relationship.

    So it looks like I’m doing this on my own again- whichever way I choose to go.

    I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant and can’t come to any decision about which path to go down. I am absolutely frozen in fear.

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    Hello all.

    I’ve recently become single with a lovely 2 month old. More than happy to chat and even plan things for little ones if you’re local


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    Hi, I’m due in March and also single. Father has been a mare since I found out. I was also single and pregnant with my first who is 8. I was living at home when I had her. Managed to complete a masters and PhD since then, move out, and land a great job. Wouldn’t have thought it at the time. Things will be ok. Just go with what is best for you. Happy to chat anytime. It does get really lonely when your pregnant. Especially when you have scans etc or fears about symptoms etc.

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    yep, me, broke up as soon as he found out. so not fun… but need to enjoy every moment you have =) its nice to have a little soul close by

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    Hi…I’m also due in December and became single at week 9… I was always told by specialists that I would never be able to have children so was a big shock for me also.

    I joined the site today after being told about it from someone I chat to when I go into town.


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    I just checked this thread properly! Thanks for the support all! 🙂

    I’m in London – where are you based Izzywhizzy, SharonSo and sarah_Lou?

    Tteok Bokki – are you pregnant now too?

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    I live in Scarborough since November last year.


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    Hello, I’m 24 weeks pregnant and found out my partner has been lieing and cheating on me for the whole duration of the pregnancy. I never imagined having to be a single mum from the very beginning. It’s good to know I’m not the only one going through this. I’ve got a lot of friends and family supporting me, I just don’t feel they understand like other single mothers ☺️

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    Hi…sounds like what’s happened to me too…but do u know what…I think I can do better on my own and I’m sure u can too….

    I have my mum to help but all my friends live 250+ miles away.

    I never expected to be a mum never mind a single one haha.

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant now with my miracle baby xx

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    Yes! So happy to stumble upon this thread. I already feel off if you tell people you are a single parent, none the less a pregnant single mom…

    I am 20 weeks.. worried, need to apply for universal credit etc.. also based in london so it would be nice to talk to someone here that wont judge like them outside of this group… 🙁


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