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    Hi all, this is my first post and I had no one else to vent too and no one can help.

    Background information.  I split up with my now ex husband March 2014, because of constant cheating, dating website use and general vile behaviour which ended up with him having a criminal record (but nothing to do with me).  I was so glad to have finally broke free and was hoping it would all stop and I can get my life back on track and the only contact would be would be through our now 10 year old son.

    He now lives with a woman he met on the internet and moved away 90 miles to live with her 3.5 years ago, considering our child has additional needs.  I haven’t spoken to this woman before and my now ex husband used to have our son every weekend because if I didn’t I was constantly threatened with solicitors etc, I have C-PTSD, anxiety etc so just went along with it for a quiet life.  Until recently I got a solicitor involved and he now gets our son every other weekend, as he constantly turned up late, said he wasn’t coming to get our son for the weekend and sending me abusive nasty text messages, which I suspect his girlfriend was doing it too.


    The issue is, he has constantly drags my name through the mud, ***** me off to anyone who listens, they both call me terrible names in front of our son, and if I question this, he denies it and gives our son a row for saying things (abusive in itself!).  I have moved on with my life as should be expected after 5 years.

    I don’t have a partner through choice as I have my son to raise.  I have nearly finished a Bsc and will be graduating soon, I have important roles within the voluntary sector, have a good social life and supportive family and friends, I also have many hobbies to keep me focused on me. My life is great, but I feel constantly targeted and bullied and I’m not doing anything at all. I changed my mobile phone number and purposefully did not give my ex my number but he can contact me on my landline if need be, it’s what people did before mobile phones anyway and he has no need to have my private number, he is in the past to me and I have moved on.

    It is 5.5 years I left this man and for whatever reason he seems to constantly talk about me, ***** me off etc as I explained before. Surely this must be mentally draining for him and his partner? I would be concerned for myself I had did this towards someone, it is not as if it is fresh and 5 months ago.

    He did this with me and his first wife too, made her out to be a complete nutter. I have come to the conclusion this man is obsessed with me and in a very unhealthy way and I have had enough of this disgusting, vile behaviour especially when my son called me a ‘weirdo’ this morning.  He admitted this is one of the names I am called, also an A-hole, see you next Tuesday, M-fkr, an idiot etc and this is with my son listening to my ex husband and his partner talking about me and she does not know me at all.  Surely after 5.5 years he would be tired by now, I wish he would leave me alone to live in peace. My son has a great time when visiting but it’s the bullying towards me and why he won’t stop I find unbelievable and concerning. I feel bad vibes even when my son hasn’t been their. I think he requires psychological therapy it is very unsettling.

    Is anyone else going through this, or has experience of this.? I’m not looking for “I wouldn’t allow my son to go etc” it’s easy to give advice when you haven’t been in this situation yourself and you wouldn’t know how you would deal with it, so some supportive chat would be nice. 🙂

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