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    Hi Everyone.

    Im looking for parents in a similar situation to myself to support my case to my MP that there is a massive loophole in the system.

    My story so far . . . .

    My ex of 19 years is ex military.  We split after he left the army.  Since then he has re-married and has two additional children.  Due to a history of controlling behaviour and DV, I used the CMS to calculate maintenance and this worked well for me and my children. He barely sees the children and there has never been any regular contact.

    In May of this year he went to work in Iraq, for an Iraqi based company working in private security.  He works there for 2 months and on the third month comes home to his wife, living in their house that they brought in February. He also has UK bank accounts and kept his vehicle.  He is very much still living in this country and has a life here, and simply works in Iraq.

    The CMS has been less than useless and I am still battling with them.  Each time I ring I speak to a different person who advises me different things, from them being able to access my ex’s bank accounts to establish his earnings, to someone else telling me there is nothing they can do to help as he has no taxable income. I wrote a letter of complaint on the 3rd July and I am still awaiting a response to this, despite their policy documents stating any complaint should be dealt with within 15 working days !

    I have now contacted my MP in the hope that with his involvement, I will get answers to the many questions I have. However, I feel that there is strength in numbers and can’t believe that I am the only person battling in this circumstances.

    Please get in touch if you can offer any advice, know someone in this situation, or you yourself are in this situation.




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    I am in a bit of a similar situation.  My ex partner pays minimal child support because he has started his own company and pays himself the minimum.PAYE amount possible.  CMS cannot do anything even though his publicy available accounts clearly show he pays himself in dividends and director loans! He refused to ever have his daughter allowing him to work all hours/weekends/through the night (no childcare issues to think about for him) to take home around £1,000 a week! Out of this CMS calculated he pays maintence of £28 per week.  Of course he thinks this is hilarious 😠 but nothing i can do.  Meanwhile i have all the childcare responsibilities and because of this can only work part time when she’s at school.  The law needs to change as soon as possible.  And likewise for child arrangements…if dad doesnt want to take any parental responsibilty  theres nothing in law to force them! So they can do whatever they please knowing we are struggling bringing up their child!

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