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    Two months ago my ex threw my 17 year old daughter out of her house along with all her belongings. Since when she has been living with me, apart from two nights she has spent at her mothers.

    She’s told her mother on a number of occasions that she now lives with me but wants to visit her occasionally.  Her mother has told the CSA that my daughter still lives with her and complained that I’ve stopped paying her her CSA payments. I’ve tried to claim child benefit for my daughter but the ex has told them also that my daughter still lives with her. CSA are on my case as they say my daughter still lives her mother not me. CSA seem to just be a bunch of bully boys who when you call them up are nice on the phone and complain about how people are always swearing at them, after my dealings with them I can totally understand how people loose it with them as they just side with the parent who has care of the child to start off with but are unable to deal with cases where a child swaps the parent who cares for them. Anyone have any advice on how to get CSA/child benefit agency to understand that my daughter now lives full time with me as they’re are just not getting it. Thanks

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    First, print, fill, photocopy! and send a child benefit form off. When they receive it, it will be classed as a contested claim. Payments will stop, until clarification of where the child lives. This will be done by letter, calls and possible visit to you both.   As far as CSA or Child maintenance services are concerned, review, review review!!!! Keep asking for them to review things, you have a right to as many reviews as you like. With each review payments are stopped until a decision is made, if that is not in your favor, review the following week! Again, do this in writing, not phone and photocopy! Always keep a copy of things, you never know when you’ll need it.


    Good luck.

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