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    Good day .

    My ex wife’s previous partner assaulted physically my 14 year old Daughter June this year . He is banned from ever going near my children as I succeed in a court order.
    Social Services have been involved and will soon step down as the risk has gone .
    My ex has a new partner and I’m mindful that he may not be like her previous partner. Social services in the CIN review mentioned they had concerns about her ability to see danger .
    Maybe I am being paranoid? I do nit believe Social Services are aware on her new partner. My 8 year old met him and he seems ok .

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    As your children are involved with social services and are on a CIN plan i would tell your ex you feel she should inform them she has her new partner rather than yourself informing them. Social Services can then do checks on his background potentially to see if he is ok and has any criminal convictions.

    Social Services may choose to meet him , if there are no concerns then all will be fine and no doubt you will all be taken off the CIN plan fairly soon if SS are happy with everything

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    Sounds 100% advice and noted . The Section 7 report is yet to be completed but the court date is 1 week today . At the last child in need meeting just 4 days ago, social services are stepping down. My only concern is just 9 weeks ago my ex wife was adamant she needs her ex in her life . She text me can I prove he was abusive and I need him in my life . The new person has meet my 8 year old 2 weeks ago .  The report from June/July mentions my ex wife not being fully able to see danger regarding her ex.

    One does not want history repeating but this new person has 2 children under 9 the ex had no kids and actually did not like children.

    The only thing in my favour is the new chap lives with a good Freind of mine I have known for 23 years .

    One does not think it’s to soon to introduce a new person but I know the children are a bit confused.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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