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    I was made redundent from work middle of July, my wife at the time said she would be supportive, however in August she then advises she wants a divorce after 22 years, with mo real reason given, only she can’t go back and wants more.

    We currently share the family home with our daughter, me in a single bed and my youngest daughter sleeping with my wife in our double bed. Upto now she has said she wants the divorce to be amicable with the house split 50/50 as well as the pension

    Today I was getting ready for a second interview with a company, when my now ex advises that she is getting our house valued and wants it on the market by Monday and if I dont agree then the 50/50 split is of the table and she will take me for every penny she can

    I don’t know from one day to the next where I stand, I know she can’t move without my approval but th here threats when I am already at a low are intolerable.

    I am currently 55 years of age and facing th e future with no home as and only half my pension is pretty daunting.

    I came close to finishing things early September I purchased tablets over a week long period, gathered everything I could out of the house with an unopened bottle of Barcardi. I drove out into the country side, found some where quiet, to ed new my engine off and sat in the dark thinking  this is it. I had numerous calls from friend as and relatives as my ex started to advise people what I was contemplating, the only mail that had an impact was the one from my eldest daughter, I made her a promise that I would not go back to that dark place, but today is making that dark place appear again

    I am sorry ladies to generalise this but I have been sold down the river by numerous ladies and j just don t have the energy any more to take this.

    I just want to be loved respected and supported and in return I would do the same thing, is this too much to ask for.

    Sorry all, bit of a rant their


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    Hi Craig.

    Are you ok? Your wife certainly chooses her moments doesn’t she. Being made redundant is horrible and trying to deal with that and a relationship falling apart must be awful.

    ignore demands for anything to be done by Monday, that’s ridiculous. Don’t be pressurised. Focus on your interview first, then once that is over, arrange a half hour with a family solicitor which should be free, or call the Gingerbread advice service. Put a list of questions together beforehand – house, mortgage, money, pension, child custody so you get as much information as possible. Tell your wife you’ve arranged an appointment to get some legal advice. If she sees you starting the process, she might stop pushing.

    But most of all, you need some moral support. Talk to your daughters about what life could be like in the future. To your friends and family. Let them help.

    It feels awful at the moment, I know, but it will get resolved.🍺


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    Hi Craig1

    I’m Justine, one of the moderators here.  Thank you for posting on our forum.  Please be aware that I’ll be sending you a private message and an email with some signposting options for you.


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    Thanks Kathymumofone, all OK at the moment, waiting for the valuers to come. My ex has been running round cleaning the house asking me to support, but I cant how can I when I don’t agree with it

    I am not in the same place as my ex, she made the decision an ex us heading the direction she wants, I am still in limbo trying to understand what’s happened and why.

    I will wait until we have had all the valuations completed and then drop the bomb shell that i am going to see a solicitor.



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