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    Mr Fu Ming

    hi please read all info and give me you  100% true honest opinion

    my wife and I have separated in June and had a holiday booked from October (year before), the holiday is going to my family villa that my children (5 & 3) have been to many times (5 year old 10 times and 3 year old about 7). We as a family have made this a yearly program with my parents. Our next holiday is booked for October 2019. First my wife said the reason for my children not being aloud to go is  and I quote “I don’t think I (my wife) can handle the boys away from me for 1 week. After me saying that this is unreasonable for her to say this and now she her next excuse is my eldest starts a new school in September 6 weeks before you go and he needs to adjust to that first before you take them away also stating that the boys need there mum. I will also add that mum has been told she can come if she wishes but will not (I understand that). My wife has also request that we as a family do not  mention  The holiday to the children as it’s unfair to build hopes up.


    I have offered to call/FaceTime as many times that’s needed.


    Is this   J j

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    Whose choice was it to separate? Are either of you still in the family home? How distressed is your ex? Have the boys moved home?

    if she is grieving the end of a marriage, to be honest, I can understand her not wanting to be without her children.

    Maybe she needs a chance to get her “balance” back. Could you leave it until Xmas?

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    Can you both compromise on 4 or 5 days?

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