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    Hi everyone


    I split up from my husband of 10 years almost 5 years ago and Ben divorced 3.

    He stole money from me n the kids ( even his 2 year olds pocket money)

    After I had enough of the financial and emotional abuse, I kicked him out.


    Since then hes gone through fazes of wanting to see the kids (1st of which took us 6 years to concive btw) .

    Last time he chose to have no contact was for a year. Then called kids in January this year to thank them for his birthday card THEY sent. He at the time started calling them once a week.started seeing them again 3 month ago.

    Heres the crunch bit…… I’ve got new found confidence and hes said we should try again…… hummmmm no chance I’m not going back to the past.


    He still has a girl friend living with him…..


    I’ve told him hes here for the kids not me….

    But i fear hes going to stop contact again. Even the school dont have his details as they can see hes messed with the kids. They are now almost 7 n 9.


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    You’re right not to go back. He is still willing to betray the woman he is living with and can’t be bothered to commit to his own children. Not kind.

    You’ve got your life sorted and are confident & happy, no wonder he wants to come back.

    As for the children, it’s pretty clear he will do what is best for him, regardless and you won’t change that. You’ve been the security in your children’s lives, so go on being calm and happy and pick up the pieces when he wanders off again.

    I’d guess his relationship is at an end, his seeing the children is a way back into contact with you, which gives him somewhere to go when he leaves her. Just a guess.

    Well done for getting sorted. We need an emoji for genuine applause 🤗

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    Good for you sounds like he can’t be trusted.

    Don’t worry about how much he sees the kids. Its his choice and if he can’t be bothered at least you are there for the kids  😀👍

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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